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Encryption is important because it changes information in a way that makes it unreadable to someone trying to steal it. The decryption key is all that is able to return the information back to its readable form. This is why encryption is so important for businesses that process credit cards. However, text and email encryption is equally as important. Since so many people communicate using text, text must be given more attention. The theft of sensitive data contained within that text could be damaging.


How It Works


The software will ask you if you wish to encrypt your message. Choosing yes, the message will be sent as garble to the cloud. The receiving party will see the garble written by the sender and they will have the option of decoding the sensitive message sent to them.

Be able to send and receive messages privately with Stay Above The Cloud. Send and receive hundreds of messages completely coded and unreadable to anyone that does not have the release code. With the release code, the true message is revealed and only your desired recipient can read it. Whether for safety or security, never worry about someone knowing what you are saying to your friends, loved ones, or colleagues.




The total and only cost for this app is $9.95. This allows the purchaser of this app to install and use Stay Above the Cloud for as long as this phone (transmitter/receiver) exists. Use the texting service as normal. When you wish to send a confidential message, hit the encode message button. The text you are about to send will be coded and sent as garble. Only the receiving person with the release code will be able to understand what you have written and sent.

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